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Make your dining room colorful (1)- dining chairs section

I have a question:

What kind of dining table and chair combination do you like? A combination of different dining chairs or a matching combination?

The answer is certainly diverse, but most seem to like to use a mixture. Personally, I think there are good reasons for both. It definitely depends on your choice. Even if you mix side chairs and head chairs, I would like them. I think it can add some special appearance to the dining room, and it will definitely bring some extra visual appeal.

I have some excellent examples here. If you want to bring the appearance into your own home, you need to keep some rules of thumb in mind and give you eight different combinations to make your home more beautiful!
Dining chair combination inspiration

Let’s start using three beautiful combinations in real restaurants, and I will share some thoughts on why they are so useful. I want to make sure I bring some different decorating styles so that you can see it from the coastal-inspired dining room to a Scandinavian modern space to an eclectic dining room.

Coastal style


We will use this lovely natural wood and woven chair combination to kick off the curtain. This coastal style restaurant is very beautiful, isn’t it? These chairs can be paired well for two reasons: first, the wood branches are very similar in tone; second, the shapes complement each other but are different. They all have a certain curve, but compared with the woven head chair, the design of the side chair is much simpler.

Modern minimalist


Scandinavians encountered modern minimalism in this beautiful dining space. This example shows you how two seemingly completely different dining chairs can be put together in a very nice way due to their similar height and proportions. Leather head chairs are fixed at both ends, and black Windsor-style chairs feel light and airy on the sides. Because your eyes look straight at the top of all objects at once, this combination can make you feel cohesive even in high contrast situations. Like the first vision, both have some curved elements, which help make this combination more perfect.

Mix style


The other is to use chairs with completely different styles, such as the eclectic dining room of Juninper Home. However, if you look closely, what they have in common is actually beyond your imagination. Both the leather headrest and Eiffel-style chairs have modern elements, they are similar in height (again!), and the wood branches on the legs are similar in tones. An added bonus is that the crazy cool chandelier above the dining table echoes the tones of the wood branches-the repetitive aspect really makes the whole room blend perfectly.

Tips for mismatched dining chairs
Have you started to discover how to mix and match different dining chairs? If you decide to go this route, please keep in mind some rules of thumb:

1. Make sure that the chairs are sufficiently different from each other, so that although the combination looks different, the connotation is the same;

2. You can choose a chair with a very similar height, or a head chair with a toilet higher than the side chair. If your head chair is broken than the side chair, it will look deviated;

3. Don't be afraid to confuse colors and increase contrast;

4. Traditionally, high chairs do not have armrests, while side chairs do not, but this is a rule you can break at will;

5. Pairing light and airy chairs with heavier chairs is a great way to create balance in a restaurant.

If you want to see the tips for choosing a chair, please click:Choose Chair

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