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Make your dining room colorful(5)-Christmas table decoration

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Christmas is approaching, you are still looking for inspiration to decorate Christmas, want to make your home unique? You are lucky, we have created a layout guide for your Christmas decorations.

To host a good Christmas party, only a few things need to be done. Here, we throw away the traditions of previous Christmas and share three unexpected table ideas.

1. Back to nature

Try to set up this unexpected table bar once. This scheme combines eucalyptus, fruit and warm metal elements.

Hanging decoration

This is a way of connecting a small bunch of willow paper strips to two ribbons and hanging over the table or kitchen counter. Hang from the ceiling in the center, or you can hang the ceiling on the wall for eye-catching wall decoration.

Choose a palette of gold and orange, and use invisible threads to attach light baubles to branches of different heights. Here, we also added some miniature Christingles. You can use white thumbtacks or tacks to fix it to the ceiling. Or, if you have a chandelier or chandeliers, you can use an invisible thread to hang gadgets on it at any time.

the centrepiece

This is easy to create. Just put a piece of eucalyptus cord over the entire length of the table and intersperse some warm gold, copper or bronze baubles that reflect candlelight. These colors look incredible together, and the eucalyptus exudes a great relaxing aroma.

You can also add pomegranates, walnuts, oranges and other fruits-here I also spray some of them golden. Then add a series of metal candlesticks of different heights to create some atmospheric lighting.

2. Arranged in dark tones

Black is usually not the color people decorate at Christmas, but you can create a cool table plan with a modern feel.

How to do black processing

Black is actually the ideal basis for emphasizing color and texture. I used black tableware as the base of the appearance, and layered gold and pine colors on it. Adding some pine leaves and pompoms helps to increase the warmth of the appearance, rather than being overly stark. The fir trees layer down along the center of the table, and the winding battery-powered fairy-tale lighting will create a stunning center effect, giving a cool Scandi feel, and exuding rosin in the room.

Decorative business card

Can we talk about these little eye toys? A good tip is to always check the decoration section to inspire your dining table. My favorite is the use of gadgets as the name of the table. Put a gift tag on each furnishing as a business card, and then guests can also take the furnishings with them to decorate their trees.

3. Exciting carnival

If you like colors, then this one is for you! I used the traditional red and gold seasonal chassis as a base, but then used OTT patterned gadgets, sequins and glitter to express the “festival” atmosphere. Lots of flashes.


Use petals and bracelets to form a long paper chain and connect them together to create a ribbon around the dining table. They are not as short and squat as the old-fashioned garland, and the sequins in the garland can reflect the light and create a festive atmosphere.

Where to place the gift

I am always looking for the most special gift placement. For these found locations, I will secretly attach them to small crackers. If you have better ideas, you can also use your own ideas.

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