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Make your dining room(4) – Choose dining room chair

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Whether it is three meals a day or a festive party held on a holiday, your dining room is the place where the most people gather in your home. In the dining room, your carefully selected dining chair will take good care of each guest, so that they can sit comfortably on it, and your dining chair will become a good topic.

From modern to contemporary styles, from retro to classic designs, let us show you some great furniture designs so that you can create your own home style.

If your dining room has a small space, please don’t feel frustrated, we have enough great cases here. Therefore, no matter what your home is, we are confident that you can enjoy comfortable seats and excellent aesthetics in your home.

Modern dining room and modern dining chairs

dining room chair

Modern dining chairs are bold in shape, and they have various interesting shapes. But they will all have some common characteristics, such as slim, streamlined silhouette, minimal embellishment, curved, smooth back shape. Various interesting shapes allow them to fit seamlessly in open spaces, so if you adopt a minimalist style in your home, they are very suitable for use in kitchens and dining rooms.

Want to add an industrial atmosphere to your restaurant? All metal models or hairpin metal leg designs will complement or create that feeling. They have come a long way in terms of aesthetics and can be molded into all desired shapes.

They will immediately make a place more modern. For example, if you have an ordinary wooden table, you can use plastic chairs to provide a fresh and modern texture update for the dining room. If you want to mix and match certain colors into the decoration, they also provide a variety of shades.

These designs also have excellent features. Therefore, when they are perfectly integrated into the decorative style, you still like to use them to sit and eat every day. Always go all out to ensure that its comfort and independent fashion complement each other.

You can also use traditional materials to make modern styles and shapes. Especially the special curved wood used in dining chairs. It is manufactured by soaking or steaming to make the wood wet to make it softer. Then, bend it to create those smooth, minimalistic contours in the beautiful appearance of the wood.

Best chairs for retro restaurants

dining room colorful

Have you ever wanted to move the design style of the house back a bit? Nostalgic retro dining chairs can add retro flavor to your furniture.

The upholstered design with a metal or wooden frame is an iconic retro style. You can find upholstered seats, which are covered in color and contrast with the chrome metal frame. A cantilever chair (with a tube of metal instead of four legs supporting you) is an easy way to convey the style of the 70s. Similarly, you can choose bright fabrics or white dining chairs with unparalleled warmth and wood tones of the wooden frame and legs.

If the chairs will not enter the restaurant that already has a retro style, the first step to create an atmosphere can be to install retro-style lamps above the table. Around the room, consider high-contrast colors and shiny metal finishes.

You can also further decorate by hanging mirrors with frames from the old era. (For example, consider using ornate or round mirror designs). They will sit charmingly next to a cushioned design with wooden feet. Bring everything home by using vintage ceramics (blue and white porcelain is always the main choice here.

Retro dining chair, classic look

dining room retro chair

The oak dining chair and spindle back design will bring a classic, rustic feel to any space. A backrest ladder (with horizontal slats at the rear) is also a classic chair choice. Its simplicity also makes it available for a wide selection of decoration options.

You can also be bold in any style and choose the same model in multiple colors. The wood grain itself brings warmth to the room. If you have other wooden furniture, mixing wood tones can be attractive.

It can also work well with other materials. Wood and rope are classic partners, and the blend of textures brings a retro coastal feel.

They can be recognized by their neat shapes and clean lines. A common design is a smooth molded plastic backrest with a slender or geometric metal base.

You will get an excellent anatomical fit, so you can sit comfortably for a long time. There are also bold color changes. Choose a set of white dining chairs for a monochrome decoration plan, or create a vivid blend of various shades.

How to choose the best chair for your restaurant

dining room wood chair

Whenever planning to buy any new furniture, the mantra is always “measured carefully.” Make sure your new chair fits around the table and the space.

Just make sure to choose a chair that can be easily put away to reduce clutter. They can be easily hidden and can attract more people. Stackable and foldable design is also very suitable for small spaces. In addition to not obstructing stacking, the folding chair can also be hooked to the wall when not in use.

Another option for smaller spaces is to choose benches. It will fit perfectly under the table and create more space in the room when you are not using it. This is also an ideal solution when you are hosting a large gathering, because more people can sit on the bench. For a more casual look, a bench is a great way to create more space in a less formal style.

Bright colors will be used in conjunction with glass tables, and in smaller rooms they can enhance light. You can stack several foldable chairs in the cabinet for extra guests, so you can receive them at any time.

It is worth considering who your regular table guests will be. If you have children or receive them regularly, the upholstered design may not be ideal. Smooth surfaces like plastic and wood are easier to wipe and keep clean after spilling.

In addition, please consider which chairs might fit your table. The glass table design will perfectly match the metal chair, giving people an industrial feel. They will also stylishly insert a wooden top table with metal legs.

 If it is a country-style dining table or a farm dining table, an old-fashioned chair design with a spindle back can make the appearance look more perfect. Minimalist or Scandinavian style tables are perfectly matched with streamlined modern and mid-century chairs.

Putting a cushion under your dining table and dining chairs is another great technique. Make sure the shape of the rug and table match to ensure uniformity, or mix it when it feels right. Even in a small space, by placing the round table on the carpet, the round table can also become a very good artwork. This is also a wonderful way to add more color and texture to the restaurant.

Make sure that there is 24 inches of free space on each side so that guests will not trip over the table. We will also provide you with another important tip not to invest in any overly fluffy carpet. They absorb stray bread crumbs and we don’t want to do more housework for you.

dining room wall

In addition to being used as a decoration to match your home design style, the sideboard can also have other uses, for example, it can hold tableware, glassware and linen and other small tableware. The top of them is also a good place to display the decorations of the dining room, photos, bouquets, these small decorations that can make your whole dining room shine must not be missed.

Want to enhance the light in the room? No need to add windows, just repair one or two mirrors, it will gather light to illuminate your eating and entertainment places.

In addition, the decoration of the walls and ceiling can also well set off the design of your dining room.

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