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Make your dining room colorful(3) – Dining room accessories

The dining room plays a pivotal role in our modern life. It is usually the focal point of a family life. From holding family gatherings to eating scenes to holding parties and having drinks with friends, the dining room is more than just a place to eat for us.

Therefore, considering the multi-functional needs of the dining room, the design and decoration of the dining room must be cautious. Thankfully, there are many ways to beautify your space and transform it into a popular multi-functional dining room.

Whether you are working temporarily in the dining room or simply having a meal in it, we provide you with some dining room design ideas for reference.

How to optimize the lighting in the dining room

dining room design

You must not underestimate the importance of lighting for the dining room! Not only the dining room, but in the design of all rooms, carefully arranged lighting is the key to creating a comfortable atmosphere!

Usually, the dining table will be the focal point of the dining room, so please magnify this design purpose by beautifying the lighting. A chandelier hanging down from the ceiling can perform this design purpose well. If it is a larger dining room, you can try to use multiple ceiling lights, and it does not need to be an old-fashioned chandelier, you can also try to use more modern chandelier styles, and the modern chandelier in the dining room is the fastest way to beautify the dining room .

When designing a dining room, the most important thing to remember is that the response should be a relaxing place. A place to eat, relax, and entertain with friends. Therefore, the dining room should be designed as a space with a soft atmosphere.

Decorative bulbs with stained glass and luxurious filaments are a good note. The light casts a warm glow through the glass, keeping you away from the dazzling white light.

Remember, this is a place that is used very frequently at night, so light should be used to highlight the drama of the space. In addition to lighting from above, the proper use of floor lamps can further attract people’s attention. Choose a corner, let it become your design point, after some careful design, let it surprise your guests.

Finally, in order to highlight your design style, please add a layer of decorative lighting, which can shine soft light like fairy tales on the furniture and become a part of the furniture decoration, or shine in the glass bowl to give off extra luster .

Which color and scheme are the most suitable for use in the dining room?

The house that belongs to you, what you like is the most suitable! No matter which color you like, you can make the most suitable color. Of course, if you are willing to spend some time thinking about the future use of the dining room, it will definitely be more conducive to the design of the dining room.

dining room design - green
dining room design - green

This is an example of the best restaurant color and scheme:

Blue tone

After a busy day, enjoying a delicious meal is one of the easiest ways to relax. Adding some blue shades in the dining room can increase comfort and make you feel peaceful.

Green Tone

If your dining room overlooks the garden, that would be better. The green of the egg can bring a natural feeling to the room. Welcome to use floral patterns and leaves to create an outdoor atmosphere. Darker green can enhance vitality.

Pink Tone

Light pink tones can bring calm and tranquility to your space, while more powerful and bright tones will make the room more spacious.

Red and yellow

Some people think that warm colors like red, yellow and orange make us feel happy. So for a space whose purpose is to eat, this is ideal. Choose one of them and enjoy the inviting atmosphere.

Dark shadow

If the room gets plenty of natural light during the day, don’t be afraid to bold it with a darker tone, which will affect entry. Indigo, dark purple, dark gray, and even midnight black can be your unique characteristics.

dining room design - pink
dining room design - pink

When choosing a color scheme, use the color wheel to identify pairs that can be used well. And don’t just consider the material of paint and wallpaper, the color of the wall can be introduced into the entire room, including furniture, accessories, etc.

If the appearance looks more concise, you can choose a single color or keep the base color, and then put soft furniture and decorations on the color.

dining room design - yellow
dining room design - yellow

Choose distinctive dining room decorations

Your color scheme may show your personality to some extent, but your design will shine in the decorations and touches you choose.

As time goes by, the decorations, ornaments and small decorations you have accumulated will come together to tell the story of you and your home. The dining room is a place where you can chat freely, so please use interesting decorations to guide the conversation.

Rearview mirror

The mirror is the best decoration in almost any room, and the dining room can benefit from its almost magical characteristics. If your dining room has a small space, then placing an appropriate mirror can open the room and give people the most important space illusion.

In fact, the spacious dining room can also be a beneficiary of the mirror. Individual works can bring a magnificent appearance to the space.Remember those tips about lighting that we mentioned earlier? 

Decoration accessories

dining room design ideas

The finishing touch is usually the most attractive thing in the room. So please don’t be afraid to use a variety of decorative ornaments and accessories to highlight the characteristics of the room.

The sideboard and partition unit are the perfect blank canvas to show your personal taste. Put on decorations, books, decorative accessories and anything meaningful to you, and soon you will have a unique and interesting display.

Leaves and floral scents are always the most attractive accessories. Put seasonal flowers and plants in seasonal vases to add a touch of green to your dining room.


Another way to add personality to the dining room is murals. Choose color prints and abstract designs that create realistic effects, or add some texture through metal wall sculptures.

Photos are another great way to add a personal touch to your home, so you can mix frames of different styles, sizes and shapes to turn the wall into a gallery. Other wall functions, such as oversized statement clocks, can tie the design together.

The most important dining room idea-furniture
In addition to decoration and design elements, it is the furniture that turns the dining room into a dining room. Some dining room furniture pieces are essentials, while others are essentials.

Dining table

dining room design - dining table

It’s obvious: the dining table is not only a functional surface, but also an integral part of the overall design of the dining room, so it’s worth the extra time to make a well-thought-out choice.

Material is a factor; if your room is classically styled, it may be best to choose wood options like oak or walnut. If you want a more modern atmosphere, glass or metal may be more suitable.

What about the color? In addition to the earthy tones of natural materials, the table is now full of rainbow colors, so you need a table that matches your proposal.

Finally, don’t forget the shape and size of the dining table. Although what you need will fill the entire room and will not appear to be lost, it also needs to leave enough space to move freely. Make sure that the table you choose can accommodate the entire family. Rectangle or square is the most traditional choice, but a round table allows friends to talk freely.

Dining chair

dining room design - dining chair eames chair

Of course, you need to put chairs next to the table. For a low-key look, you may want to choose a perfect dining table and chair.
Match a few chairs with a dining table, or use some bright shadows to add more color to the room. Don’t deliberately pursue any style, mainly to ensure that guests will not feel uncomfortable sitting for several hours. Of course, don’t forget to make sure everyone has enough seats.

Sideboards and cabinets

Sideboards and cabinets should not be just a place to display your antique collection. Sideboards and cabinets play an important role in the furniture of the dining room. On the top, they can put the jewelry and accessories we mentioned before, and on the bottom, in the drawers and closed cabinets, they can store the dining room tableware, tablecloths, glassware and other small things commonly used in the dining room.

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