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Make your dining room colorful (2) – millennial style


The style of millennials should be classic rather than trend-based, and should incorporate bright colors, whimsical patterns, fresh flowers and antiques. It looks more like a minimalist style, but it has been carefully edited. We are admirers of this style. They look forward to the designs of Sibyl Colefax, Albert Hadley and Sister Parish, while also choosing practical and more relaxed, more practical methods rather than rigid forms. If you want, Billy Baldwin (Billy Baldwin) has more and Colefax & Fowler less.
Do you want to create a millennial look in your restaurant? Please follow the following 7 decoration strategies to achieve the appearance!

Do you want to create a millennial look in your restaurant? Please follow the following 7 decoration strategies to achieve the appearance!

No. 1. Embrace tradition with prominent formal elements


Creating a formal restaurant with a millennial style means adopting some classic room decoration elements, such as siding decoration, crown decoration, crown dressing, symmetry and elegant lighting.

The wall panels and the crown shape add architectural style to the space and make the walls more visually attractive. Installing these moldings was the first step in remodeling the room for my husband and me.

For lighting, I was lucky to be able to reuse the crystal chandelier. As a complement, I added a pair of brass candlesticks on both sides of the mirror-more elegant lighting and symmetry.

No. 2. Choose bold, playful colors or wallpapers on the walls


In order to balance the wainscoting, the crown shape and the elegant lighting form, I chose an unexpected color on the top of the restaurant wall-an interesting light green water by Sherwin Williams.

The colors are bright and playful, without overwhelming or gorgeous colors. In other words, it makes people feel solemn but not stuffy.

Wallpaper is another unique choice for decorating walls to have a millennial look.

No. 3: Entertaining millennial-style design

The formal dining room is suitable for family dining and entertain guests during dinners, celebrations and holidays. Therefore, please consider how guests move, interact and serve in your restaurant. In fact, you need a comfortable chair and an expandable table with enough space on each side for everyone to move around and sit down easily.

Unique bar carts and practical and stylish sideboards allow you to easily enjoy other important decorations. Bar carts are one of my favorite accessories in the dining room because they allow guests to serve themselves at the party, which reduces the stress on the host.

No. 4. Play mode

Pattern games are nothing new to traditional interior decoration, but millennials are reviving this decoration strategy, rejecting all white neutral minimalist spaces. The degree of pattern playing can be as bold as my restaurant, maximized or more subtle.

The main pattern of the space is the blue and cream grid of the curtains. This is a soft pattern that echoes the color of the wall. Other styles also introduced trumpet pop music with siding, pillows and tablecloths. Choose a style to get permanent expensive elements, such as low-key and complementary curtains, and then make the accessories thicker. This way, you can mix decorations more easily and at less cost.

No. 5. Put the heirloom under the spotlight

Millennials like the generation before us, the people of the Victorian era, who like to collect, especially antiques and antique tableware, Chinese style decorations and artworks. The dining room is an ideal space to display these collections or heirlooms.

First of all, there is a tabletop surface: the dining table just begs to put beautiful vases, candle holders and central decorations in the middle, while the sideboards display larger or more gorgeous bowls, knife boxes, storage jars and chargers Showcase. Unlike the Victorians, millennials should edit their collections and pair them in unexpected ways, juxtaposing the official version with casual, unexpected colors and/or annoying styles.

No. 6. Create a gallery wall

This is one of the nods that millennials love traditional interior decoration so much, why shouldn’t we do it? Antiques and antique plates are usually works of art, with exquisite hand-painted floral and geometric patterns. When combined on the wall, they will add visual interest and present lovely colors.

I created a board wall above the bar cart, mixing antique pastel roses with Spode and Rococo with Majolica. I also hung a group of similar plates above the mirror to convey the theme.

Large or heavy boards can easily be hung on the wall using wire hangers, while disc hangers work well on smaller boards. When creating a group, use the paper template method to hang the printing plates correctly.

No. 7. Choose furniture with an antique feel

To add the correct millennial style to your restaurant, the table or chair needs to be antique.

I like the clean lines and patterns of neoclassical furniture, and more curvilinear lines from the Empire or Rococo style. It does not match the dining chairs and tables, adding a modern touch to your restaurant. Here, I paired a mahogany Federal style table with lacquered Rococo Revival chairs with cabriolet legs and a sugar cane back with round ornaments.

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