The steps that performed to select a walnut coffee table

walnut coffee table

A living room without a coffee table is like a walnut tree without walnuts. Just as walnuts are an integral part of the walnut tree, the perfect coffee table is also an integral part of the living room.

Coffee tables have many uses, from finishing the appearance to storage and display, which are very much needed in the space. The question is which style is right for your room? Should you choose wooden furniture with thick legs or metal furniture with a glass top? Should it be round, square or rectangular?

The options are endless and can sometimes be overwhelming. My ten tips will help you break the maze of decision making and guide you towards the perfect coffee table.


The price range of the coffee table ranges from super expensive to very budget-friendly, so before you start shopping, please confirm the maximum price range you can accept.

Your overall budget should be broken down into areas such as accessories, lighting, and furniture. Furniture products include sofas, side tables, chairs and coffee tables, of which the larger part is allocated to the more important part.

The good news is that if you see something you like, as long as it doesn’t affect the quality of the sofa or chair, you can reduce your budget slightly.


When laying out a floor plan for the living room, please consider the best shape of the space, which is for the sake of your children and pets.

If you have children or pets, the best choice is a round or oval coffee table. The curved edge means that sharp corners will not hurt or crash into it. Use a rectangular shape and leave a distance of 30 inches between the TV console and the coffee table. This will provide you with space to walk between the two pieces of furniture.


As with the shape, you will need to determine the desired size, the height of the coffee table is very important, it should be no less than 1-2 inches as the sofa. The standard height of the table is 16-18 inches and can be used with typical storage sofas. A taller sofa requires a taller table, which is 20-21 inches high. If you want to entertain a lot, a higher table will be more convenient because it is easier for guests to put down their glasses or plates.

If you need a guide to choosing a sofa, please click here.


Another important factor is to know what the main purpose is. Will the table be more decorative or provide storage space? How much storage space is enough?

The table can be placed with shelves or drawers to store things from children’s toys to the kind of magazines you will read in the future. Regardless of whether it needs to be stored, it is hoped that the drink or plate will not be turned over when it is put down.

If decoration is your main purpose, then you can focus on local lines and texture materials.


When it comes to materials, there are many types of coffee tables. Among the metals, industrial metals, glass, brass or steel combined materials can provide a more refined appearance.

Whether it is oak, maple, cherry or walnut, wood has its own unique feel. Oak and maple are more casual, while walnut and cherry are more formal.


Formal, informal, modern or retro, these are all styles to consider when buying a coffee table.

If you like a modern look, choose a smooth metal table and glass countertop. If the rustic casual style is more suitable for you, then the rustic oak table will be your best choice.

Choose a round table with wooden turning legs to create a romantic feeling. There are many styles to choose from, just use the decoration scheme of the room as a guide.


Let me emphasize the importance of scale. Every piece in the room should be in proper proportions.

For example, finding bulky, fluffy, comfortable sofas and exquisite coffee tables in grandmother’s attic is an inappropriate decoration style.

The correct thing is that upholstered sofas should be paired with a large table, and their proportions between batches of parts of equal weight are greater. It is best to pair a delicate coffee table with a smaller two-seater sofa or bench.

Scale is only about the comparability of the size and visual weight of objects in the room.


Sometimes, thinking outside of traditional thinking can allow you to find the perfect coffee table that may not be a table at all. The steamer, cedar wooden box and upholstered bench are excellent alternatives to the coffee table.

Each option has its own unique appeal. For example, the footstool can be made of leather or beautiful fabric, which will add some visual interest and texture to the room.

Expand the range of options

Who said you only need to use a table? Try to collect data on coffee tables. To make the appearance more interesting, place two identical coffee tables next to each other, and pull out each coffee table to expand the surface area while staggering the table tops.

If you have a lot of space, but you cannot find a suitable table, place two tables next to each other and create a larger table.

Another option is to plan several garden stools and use them as sofa table solutions. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them very suitable for use in a bright sunny living room.


Now that you have determined your budget, determined the style, function, size and materials, you can start shopping. This is the most exciting time to design a home, right?

You can now choose to buy in high-end department stores, you can also go to the hrdfurniture online store, or shop at the flea market.

Just remember to bring the size of the room, the available space in front of the sofa, the height of the sofa and the images of other furniture. These will help you choose something that is scalable, style-matched, and very suitable for your room.

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