5 types of furniture that should be purchased cost-effectively

Whether working with clients or designing my own house, when purchasing furniture and decorations, I try to ensure cost-effective purchases. For most of us, money is an important limiting factor in decorating homes. Therefore, the rational use of money is a must-have skill.

Today I will share how I maintain high quality and cost-effective when purchasing furniture. Before that, I need to state that everyone values ​​each product differently. This post is introductory. You can use the introduction to get the same effect with less money.

1. Lighting


We can put a lot of affordable and good lamps in our home, which is a great idea. Because many spaces require multiple lamps, floor lamps or ceiling lamps. If you can reduce the cost of desk lamps, you can save the budget for purchasing important furniture such as sofas or dining tables.

Generally, affordable desk lamps and floor lamps are easily available. But you need to look for larger lamps, such as chandeliers in the dining room.

The way to decorate cheap lamps luxuriously is to install a nice lampshade. A high-quality lampshade will bring a huge change. If you find a lamp you like, but the lampshade is not very good, what you have to do is not to replace the target, but to buy the lampshade for a smaller price.

2.accent tables

accent tables

Side table, coffee table, console and bedside table are all accent table categories. It does not actually belong to the dining table. These guys usually don’t need to bear too much use like other furniture, so you can save a certain budget to buy a cheap accent table.

A quick tip for buying a cheap accent table is to look for a table without drawers. You may lose a little storage space, but this does not affect too much storage pattern. In fact, the accent table can store very few things. You can fully expand other storage space to make up for it, such as shelves, cabinets, or even trash cans or baskets.

3. Carpet


This is probably the most controversial one on the list I shared, but please read the post! Carpets are very expensive furniture decorations, especially large-sized carpets. Many people make the mistake of getting smaller to save money, please don’t really do this!

Choosing the right size carpet for the room is one of the best ways to improve its appearance. Finally, pay attention to the carpet: It is difficult to find a good balance between price and quality, but please try to stick to it! If you shop online, always check several different images of it to make sure it looks good at close and long distances. If I can’t see the close-up of the carpet, I usually eliminate it.

4. Throw pillow


Great pillows can be the perfect match for the room, but they don’t have to be expensive. Unless I am really special or different, I rarely buy a pillow that exceeds $50.

No matter which pillow you choose to buy in the end, please make sure of one thing. The pillow you bought comes with feather inserts instead of polyester. You can also buy pillowcases and pillow cores separately, so you can replace them for cleaning.

5. Desktop and bookshelf decoration


This part can also be summarized as “Attachment”. They are small objects that can give personality to the space, such as exquisite bookends, trays, bowls, flower pots, candle holders, and brass animals. . .

In addition, I found that many people like to change these items according to the season, which is a better way to keep the cost low!

Finally, please tell me, is this list of products you will pay attention to when purchasing? How do you reduce procurement costs?

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