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Collection of the times-Eames Chair Replica

Ray and Charles made original designs for many Eames chair series as early as 1950. These logos are iconic with their simple design, simple function and the sense of luxury that they bring to any room.

Let’s discuss how to use Eames’s iconic mid-century modern furniture to decorate houses and offices. To highlight the series, here are some of my favorite works:

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Black with Light Walnut

Eames/Saarinen Organic Chair Reproduction

The Eames/Saarinen Organic Chair Reproduction inherits the original design and is an amazing copy of the collaboration between the greatest designers of two centuries, Charles Ames and Erosarinen.

This modern replica is perfect for the office, imitating a natural sitting posture, using laminate seat shells, solid wood feet and hand-sewn soft wool trim on the frame.

The charm of this contemporary design is that it imitates the natural sitting posture, which makes it a perfect choice for reading or lounge chairs, and has won the favor of fans all over the world.

Eames Plywood Chair

In search of a better method, Charles and Ray Eames developed an innovative plywood molding technology. This process allowed them to bend wooden furniture in new directions and give hard materials a soft appearance.

The chair is still a hallmark of mid-century design and is valued for its comfort and unique structure. Provide dining chair (called DCW model) and leisure chair (called LCW model) styles. The two styles are almost the same, the difference is that the dining chair is more upright, while the recliner is slightly wider and inclined. 

Eames wire chair replica

There is no doubt that Eames continues to add interest and comfort to home interior decoration just like the past half a century.

The curved back seat is made of interwoven wire and fixed on a wire welded base. It is also called the “Eiffel Tower” because of its similarity to another classic design. All cables or two leather cushion options are available.
It is suitable as a statement of personality, dining chair or office chair, ensuring to add a little modern style to any space.

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