Some explanations on using rattan chairs indoors

Rattan Chair

Every space needs a little texture, and a good way to add space is to use woven natural fibers such as sugar cane and rattan. If these two remind you of outdated coastal houses or outdated outdoor furniture, then it’s time to change that image! These two gorgeous woven textures return to our homes in the best possible way, and they are not only suitable for coastal houses-they perform well in houses with modern, bohemian and even more traditional styles.

I have some beautiful spaces to show you today’s space, and a summary of some great works you can use in your own home! If you are eager to see these, please scroll down!
What is the difference between rattan and wicker?

This is an important question before we jump into how to use it, right? Well, the simple answer is that the rattan itself is the material-it is made from the core of fast-growing vines. Its strength and flexibility make it an excellent material for furniture.

Rattan is a special weaving technique using rattan fibers. You can think of decorations almost like a grid. Then apply the grid to things like chair backs, headboards, etc. It is often confused with wicker, which is another weaving technique that can use a variety of materials (not only rattan). It’s fun, right?

Use rattan and rattan furniture and decoration at home

I recently saw rattan and wicker (and other woven natural materials) everywhere, and I want to share some examples with you to show you how to use it at home. It doesn’t take much to make a huge impact-just add a little texture to bring enough size and warmth.

Rattan Chair Living Room

materials is the lamps. The two photos below are good examples. Basket chandeliers are very popular nowadays, and I even see rattans used to make lampshades. I included each of my rattan and rattan at the bottom of the post, so if you are looking for a light fixture, be sure to go there!.

Rattan Chair Bedroom

Another popular use of rattan and rattan is in chairs. This style has existed for centuries, and I really like the modern styles I have seen recently. Take the following woven dining chair as an example. They have increased their interest in what might have been beautiful and modern spaces. The right amount of warmth and comfort!

Rattan Chair Dining Room

As I have seen in the review, I not only see rattan and rattan on the dining chair. A recliner with this function is also working-this is a good example of a recliner with a cane back. In modern coastal spaces, they are a perfect match.


Then the last thing I want to say is that many things I see are placed in storage furniture, such as the buffet and the decorated cabinets in front of the sugar cane. I wish so much that I have someone just for someone like you see our house below! Again, it is paired with more modern furniture and decor (I like it!) and makes the overall look softer.

 Of course, you can find rattan and rattan in various other furniture and decorations, and you will see them in my review! I tried to find various works to show you how many are currently available. I have things like side tables, lamps, sofa beds, and even candle holders-seriously, everyone has something!

If you want to buy an outdoor rattan chair, we have a double hanging chair here. This rattan material hanging chair can not only be placed outdoors, but also decorated indoors. Of course, we still have single models.

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