Choose Chairs with Accents.What is the Personality of the Design?

From traditional upholstered armchairs and soft leather recliners to hanging basket chairs and other unconventional seats, there’s an accent chair out there to suit every room and private style. Perhaps the chairs we’re immediately drawn to when entering an area can reveal something about our personalities also as our aesthetic preferences.

Just for fun, take a glance at the eight accent chairs below and see if your favorite one speaks to your design personality also . And inspect the ideas for materials, colors and furnishings to use with each sort of accent chair to tug together an area .

  1. Classic With a Twist

You’re someone who appreciates timeless design but doesn’t like things to feel too stuffy. You’re drawn to materials like wood, leather and rich fabrics but aren’t afraid to experiment with an edgy color or pattern choice for upholstery. “Keep things relevant by updating classic shapes with fresh color stories, and therefore the outcome is certain to decorate up your home for years to return ,” says designer Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors.

How to use it. Classic styles work with a good range of home styles, from country farmhouse to more contemporary. The key to creating this style desire your own is to feature a twist to an old piece. Try reupholstering a classic armchair during a bright color like mustard yellow or Kelly green, or swapping out more traditional chair legs for updated ones.

Green chair: Mecox; see more green velvet chairs

  1. Chic and complicated

You’re someone who likes a touch flair and appreciates the finer things in life. Your style is sophisticated without being boring — picture a touch black dress or a wonderfully tailored suit with accessories that take it to subsequent level. You’re drawn to accent chairs that are elegant and have a touch something that sets them apart, like crushed-velvet upholstery or butter-soft leather.

How to use it. If an accent chair is on the bolder side of chic and complicated , keep other elements within the room more neutral to avoid taking the planning too over-the-top.

“If you favor a more monochromatic palette, employing a crushed velvet will add depth and interest to the space ,” says designer Sharon Blaustein of B Interior. “The light will hit the surface and make an expensive look.”

Chair: B&B Italia

  1. Warm Contemporary

You’re forward-thinking. instead of linger over the past, you favor to seem toward a future filled with new beginnings. When it involves furniture, this doesn’t mean you’ve got to ditch comfort for an ultramodern silhouette or cold, industrial materials. search for chairs that are designed to carry and support your body and are made with classic materials that make the design more enduring. Leather and wood, for instance , “only recover with age,” Flanigan says.

How to use it. Contemporary accent chairs often enjoy being softened and warmed up a touch . Try draping a sheepskin or decorative throw over the rear .

Chair: Silla Trenzada saddle chair, Jan Barboglio

  1. Iconic Modern

You know your way round the design scene and may easily spot an Eames easy chair from across the space . you prefer iconic styles over what’s trendy now. As you already know, iconic modern styles generally have clean lines and standout silhouettes, which help make them look so good from afar.

Keep an eye fixed out for contemporary designs that fit the bill for becoming timeless, iconic styles. you’ll be ready to snap them up now, before they become even more pricey.

How to use it. “Many chairs from the midcentury period work well together or once you mix them up with more contemporary pieces,” says designer Lindsey Roberts of Forrester Roberts Interior Design. Try mixing and matching chairs during a conversation area or around a dining room table for a fun, approachable style.

Orange chair: Masters chair by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet, Kartell; metal chair: Bertoia straight chair with seat pad by Henry Bertoia, Knoll

  1. Colorful and Bold

“More is more” might be your motto. You’re not scared of saturated colors or mixing prints and patterns. In fact, you are feeling right reception during a room crammed with bright hues and patterns.

If you don’t find an accent chair that speaks to you, make one that does. for instance , designer Michael Tavano of Michael Tavano Design upholstered this wingback armchair with blue and turquoise striped menswear suiting fabric and lacquered the frame turquoise to match.

How to use it. If you’re layering bold colors, patterns and prints during a single room, keep one hue as a uniform , unifying factor, or pair colors with black and white. If you’re employing a bold accent chair in an otherwise neutral room, also search for one element — a color the upholstery or the wood stain for the bottom of the chair — to tie the chair in with the remainder of the space for a more cohesive look.

  1. Elegant and Traditional

You’re drawn to classic design and old-world elegance. You’re an antiques lover, with an appreciation of the history held by each bit of furniture. Elegant and traditional style doesn’t need to be formal, however. Adding an accent chair to a more contemporary room can help usher in a way of your time and place.

How to use it. Combine elegant accent chairs with rich fabrics like silk and satin for a luxurious look. in additional contemporary spaces, choose a chic accent chair that picks up colors or materials of other features of the space — like the bronze of a bar cart or the upholstery color of a settee — therefore the more traditional style looks reception among the more modern neighbors.

  1. Boho

Your style is laid-back and relaxed, with a touch of a throwback ’70s vibe. You gravitate toward chairs made from natural materials like wood, bamboo and wicker, and anything that’s handcrafted.

While there are many boho designs on the market lately , flea markets and garage sales offer great opportunities for selecting up vintage styles. Who knows, you would possibly just score an ingenious leather Butterfly chair.

How to use it. Pair a boho accent chair with a Moroccan pouf, rug and many of houseplants, and you’ve got the boho look nailed.

  1. Playful

You don’t take yourself too seriously, and your style reflects your kid-at-heart attitude. cause the colours , textures and weird shapes — anything that rocks, swings or swishes may be a good bet. A youthful style can still feel adult-appropriate: Just avoid the beanbags unless you’re a recent college grad, and instead choose cushy ottomans and poufs in ikat or mud cloth patterns and texture-rich wicker.

How to use it. More playful accent chairs like hanging baskets or poufs can work well with the sunshine wood and usually minimalist furnishings of Scandinavian style. The chairs bring a welcome dose of color and texture and add a carefree feeling.
Your turn: What’s your accent chair style? Show us within the Comments below.


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