How do you design outdoor living spaces?

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With the development of modern society, we spend more and more time outdoors, so learning how to choose patio furniture means more than just a few quick choices of folding chairs. If you know how to define a terrace space and choose the best furniture, you can turn any space into a backyard oasis.

In this guide, we will introduce the skills needed to choose the best patio furniture for your space based on several key factors of patio furniture.

Basis of Terrace Design

Two important factors that must be considered when designing a terrace include location and space:

Location: Your best choice depends on the weather in your area and the elements of the furniture. All-weather wicker and powder-coated aluminum are best for wet weather. Because all-weather wicker can reduce your maintenance time in salt water environments. If you are in an unenclosed windy area, it is best to use a heavier furniture frame, such as wood products and other materials with a certain weight.

Space: To build a terrace, you must measure the shape and size of the space, and consider the walking path so that you can walk comfortably. The proportions of the furniture should match the area and what you want to do in this space. If you have enough space, it is best to make corrections next to the large seats to increase comfort. In a closed porch with limited space, you should look for objects that occupy a small floor area and have comfortable seats. If you have enough space and want to rest with the company, the office chair and lounge chair partition may be an ideal place for conversation. By sitting on a chair and testing it, make sure that the chair is not too low or too narrow.

 How to choose patio furniture

Before detailing how to buy patio furniture, ask a few questions to help you understand which uses you need. Give yourself a chance to dream and figure out what you plan to do in this space. Do you want to make a b, or party in the casual backyard, or a series of activities such as regular outdoor dining?

Then define the area you want to decorate, whether it is a deck, swimming pool, enclosed porch or backyard patio. Imagine who will use this space in the future so that you can provide enough seats for your family and guests. Suppose how you want to use this area, what uses, etc. For example, you may need a comfortable sitting and conversation space, reading rest area, outdoor dining area or some combination. Then you can set your budget range. Invest in the best things you can afford.

Next is to consider the style and any possible colors. When using customized outdoor furniture, you can extend the comfort of your home to the backyard by choosing colors and styles from indoor to outdoor.

This space is less defined as “living room” or “dining room”. But you have to consider weather and maintenance. The materials and structure of terrace furniture.

When choosing patio furniture, its quality and durability usually depend on the construction methods and materials used:

Terrace furniture frame structure: You can choose outdoor furniture frame according to weather, wear and style. After you understand these options, you can choose a material that can save time and effort in environmental maintenance.

Wicker patio furniture-the traditional choice for outdoor furniture, wicker is now made of all-weather resin, so it can withstand wet weather and has a longer life than traditional wicker. You will find various styles in this material, but always strive for quality, which is evident in the tight weave and realistic texture.

Wooden patio furniture-Teak is a material of teak. Most of the wood begins to decay quickly after being exposed to various elements. Teak is a natural weather-resistant wood that has been used in the shipbuilding industry for hundreds of years. Teak does not need much care. It will form a beautiful silver color after natural weathering, or you can use teak oil to retain the warm natural luster. Teak wood is durable due to its weight, elegant, strong, and suitable for windy conditions.

Metal patio furniture-metal frames like iron art can create a traditional feel, classic or modern look. However, even if steel is sprayed with anti-rust materials such as powder, it is also prone to rust. Therefore, similar designs can be constructed using aluminum and powder coating to reduce maintenance. Look for smooth welds and check if they are too heavy to be rearranged. The Florence collection by Bassett Furniture is made of slender black powder-coated aluminum, which looks like wrought iron, giving it a chic, updated old-world character. On the other hand, Bassett’s Lakeview series uses modern craftsman-style tapered shapes and delicate joinery, using aged oak or dark walnut wood made of low-maintenance powder-coated aluminum Natural appearance.

Terrace furniture cushion material

 The seat cushion is the key to your outdoor comfort. In order to maximize your relaxation time, please choose some easy-to-bearable fabrics and durable materials to withstand all kinds of fatigue.

The service life of an outdoor cushion depends on its ability to absorb water, dust and ultraviolet rays. Correspondingly, some technologies are usually used to improve the absorption capacity of the cushion to these factors.

Some cheap outdoor fabrics are made of short-fiber polyester with anti-ultraviolet coating, so they can dry quickly but will fade. The high-quality fabric used for outdoor cushions and sofas is solution-dyed acrylic (such as Sunbrella). These acrylic fabrics are specially designed for outdoor use, so that it has a long service life, color retention, UV resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance and stain resistance.

Terrace furniture style

When considering how to buy patio furniture, the easiest way to design a fashionable area is to choose a variety of furniture that does not exactly match. Those matching outdoor seats for 20 people are just a way to fill the spacious space, but in order for you to relax, be sure to bring the indoor beauty to the outdoors, and combine the coordinated combination of textures, colors, patterns and materials. Buy some coordinated, relatively comfortable outdoor furniture.

Integrating colors is another way to express style. Outdoor furniture frames have a neutral base, you can also keep the cushions neutral, or use them to introduce colors and patterns. Customized cushions even allow you to choose fabrics whose colors and styles are in harmony with the interior decoration.

Other patio furniture tips

The last step in any patio furniture guide is to complete the room and make it an extension of the interior decoration. The choice of outdoor furniture can change your terrace or porch into a second living room-or your favorite room at home, etc. Lay carpets, cushions, accent tables, pillows and umbrellas. Plants, candles and ambient lighting also add to the feeling of home.

The best life in summer is on the outdoor terrace. Whether you are hanging out by the pool, dining in the open air, drinking a cool drink on the veranda, or enjoying the summer breeze with your friends, you can enjoy the fun of the outdoors. Let us spend a good time in outdoor life.

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