What are some of the most beautiful houses in the world?

Le Corbusier's Villa Savoy

most beautiful house

Villa Savoy is a modern residence on the outskirts of Paris and is considered to be one of the most important contributions of modern architecture. It was completed in 1931 and was designed by Swiss architect Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. The house became a historical monument in 1965.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

Falling Water, also known as Kaufmann House, was built in 1935 and is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s finest modern houses. In 1966, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark and listed in Smithsonian’s “28 Attractions Before Death”. .

Many years later, Kaufman’s son said: “Wright understands that man is a product of nature, so architecture that conforms to nature will conform to man’s basic knowledge. For example, even though all “falls” are opened by wide windows Yes, but the people inside are hiding like in a deep cave, safe on the hill behind them.”

Philip Johnson's Glass House

The glass house located in the Johnson House in New Canaan, Connecticut is an iconic example of modern architecture. Philip Johnson built it as his residence in 1949 and was one of the first modern residences in the United States to use industrial materials such as glass and steel. The building is an essay involving minimal structure, geometry, proportions, transparency and reflection effects. In 1997, it became a national historic landmark.

The house overlooks a pond, hidden in the road by a stone wall. Except for the cylindrical brick structure at the entrance of the bathroom, the external glass wall is completely open to the outdoors. The red brick floor is 10 inches above the ground, so it appears to be floating. Inside, the kitchen, dining area and sleeping area are all in a glass-enclosed room, with low cabinets and bookshelves used as partitions.

Schindler House by Rudolf Schindler

most beautiful house

The Schindler Building completed in 1922 by Rudolf M. Schlinder is an unconventional two-family residence in West Hollywood. Shared between the Schindlers and the Chess, it saves both couples money and effort. This building will set the tone for many modern houses over the decades.

Schlinde’s former residence is unconventional in architecture and society, because it is a cooperative living and working space. Concrete walls and glass sliding panels use innovative industrial materials, while the open floor plan integrates the environment into the house.

Schindler House by Rudolf Schindler

most beautiful house

The Noyes House (1955) was designed by Eliot Noyes as his own family. The modern home is a single-story courtyard design. One rectangular space contains bedrooms, while other houses contain living areas. The north and south walls are local wild rocks, so that the houses are not affected by roads. At the same time, the east and west walls are floor-to-ceiling glass, allowing light and air to pass through the house.

Natural materials integrate the house with the environment. However, the juxtaposition of the glass walls gives the house an amazing quality. Both “Life” and “Time” magazines feature modern houses. It won the AIA Merit Award in 1957.

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