After you agree to the terms of this website and successfully place an order, we will bear all the costs of shipping the goods! 

Of course you can! However, due to covid-19, the delivery time should be longer than before, and the delivery personnel cannot directly deliver to your home for assembly. They may only deliver to your door, avoiding contact with your family. Contact, this is also for the safety of your family.

Due to COVID-19, the delivery process will be longer than ever. Moreover, the delivery personnel cannot directly deliver the goods into your home, they may just put them at the door to avoid contact with your family. Of course, before shipping, we will confirm the delivery time with you. After you confirm the delivery, it will take about 5-8 working days, and you will receive a gift at the door.

Sorry, we have not yet opened offline services, currently only supports online purchases. And our products are very easy to install. The products are equipped with installation instructions and installation tools. You only need to follow the installation instructions to easily assemble the furniture.

Then please email us or contact us on our social accounts


You must pay to complete the order before we can confirm that you are interested in buying, and then contact you to provide you with services.

We know how frustrating this situation can be. Return shipping for damaged or defective items is free — just pick your preferred resolution:

  • Replacement parts (e.g. table leg)
  • A replacement item
  • A refund

To get started:

1) Go to My Orders

2) Pick “Return Item” or “Replace Item or Parts”

3) Select “Damaged or defective”

4) Choose your resolution

We’ll provide return instructions for the damaged or defective item. Be sure to complete this process within 30 days of the delivery date.

We apologize for your less than perfect experience.

Yes, of course you can. But you need to cancel or change the order before the goods are shipped. If there is anything else you don’t understand, please contact us.

We are very sorry for giving you a bad shopping experience, but you must ensure that the goods are not subject to wear and tear, and what you also need to know is that you often need to provide the cost of returning the goods.

This is the cargo location service we provide you, so that you can observe the location of the cargo in real time.